Sparky Pro is an exclusive iPhone application for Phanalytics Pty. Ltd. customers, that displays the latest National Electricity Market information.

Users of this app

Management Professionals

Get an overview.  Seek more in-depth answers.

Energy Traders & Analysts

Monitor the national electricity market whilst on the move.  View detailed demand and price, understand the drivers.

Energy Operations Technicians

Monitor generation output.  Free yourself from the control room.

Consultants & Advisors

Understand your stakeholders issues and market landscape.

Areas of app usage


Monitor dispatch volumes.  Trade and hedge electricity.


Trade and hedge electricity.


Monitor network constraints.


Monitor market, report on extreme events.  Influence policy.

The information currently available in the app include 5min interval dispatch volumes and prices, and the (30min interval) traded and pre-dispatch demand and prices.

Register Here for a free 3-day trial period, then download the app by tapping on the Appstore icon below.

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