3rd November, 2016.

Media Release – Sparky Pro iPhone app sold to High Voltage Brokers

We are pleased to announce today that our Sparky Pro iPhone app, used for monitoring the National Electricity Market (NEM), has been sold to High Voltage Brokers (http://hvbrokers.com.au/).

For current subscribing customers, there will be absolutely no interruption to your service or access to the app.  The only change is the app will now be serviced and supported by HV Brokers.  Please rest assured that Phanalytics representatives will assist during the migration process to ensure the handover process to HV Brokers is a seamless one.


HV Brokers have been in the Electricity industry for quite some time (as a leading energy broker in the Australian wholesale electricity and renewable energy markets) and with the purchase of Sparky Pro, will allow them to offer a greater range of product offerings.  In addition, they will bring fresh ideas and be an innovative force in taking Sparky Pro to a whole new level (so keep an eye out for app improvements and new features).


We wish to thank all our loyal users for supporting us over these last 4 years as we’ve developed Sparky Pro to be the premier mobile app for monitoring the NEM.




Hung Phan
Founder & Managing Director
Phanalytics Pty. Ltd.