Price Alerts Setup Guide

If ever you get asked – “Sparky Pro” Would like to Send You Push Notifications. Please select ‘OK’ to allow.  This is critical for price alerts to work.
1. Launch Sparky Pro and login.  When you get to the main menu, you should see the alerts icon on the bottom right hand corner of the main menu screen (as shown in the picture below).  Tap on that icon and turn ON push notification and set the states you want to receive notifications for.  Ensure quiet time is turned off for now (you can customise this to suit you later).  Tap Done to save.
main menu            push settings
2. Confirm that notifications is on by going to settings app -> notifications -> Sparky Pro -> ensure Notification Centre for the Sparky Pro app is turned ON (like the picture below).
If the Sparky Pro app is not shown in the notification centre app list, a reboot of the phone is required.
So please shut down your phone completely and then restart.  It should now appear there.  Make sure you set either ‘Banners’ or ‘Alerts’ and that the Sounds is switched ON (like the picture below).
settings screen            settings notification            sparky notification settings
3. Send an email to and we’ll send you a test alert message to ensure it’s all working OK.
 Price thresholds are currently set at > $300 /MWh for high prices for your chosen states that you’ve registered (you should receive a cow sound for these alerts) and < -$40 /MWh for low prices (you should receive a frog sound for these alerts).  The negative price alert is set to cover all states – however this is typically triggered by SA.
When alerts arrive, they should pop up as an alert, and can also be viewed in the Notification Bar by dragging down from top of iphone downwards (see picture below).  Please note, we do not ‘backlog’ notifications in the event that they were not delivered (for example, if you were out of mobile reception when an alert goes off, it will not be re-sent to you when you come back into reception – the time has passed).
Notification Badge            notify drag down
Remember – usage of this app and it’s services are subject to our Terms and Conditions here (
It basically says we are not liable for any alerts that are not delivered, delivered late, delivered wrong or incomplete, and their associated consequences, etc…