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Sparky Pro has been designed to be simple & intuitive, with the aim of making the NEM understandable.Learn More
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A simple user interface lets you view historical information to understand market conditions at it’s most volatile.Learn More
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What Users Are Saying

First impressions of the app are great, haven’t found any issues yet.  The information provided is very detailed. Your app provides as much information as our NEM viewer in the control room.  Well done.
Anonymous, Generator
Excellent display of information. Very intuitive and easy to use.
Anonymous, Trader
“It’s a nice app, runs very smoothly.  The market data is presented well. The generation mix and renewable snapshot is great.
Anonymous, Retailer
The install was easy, product is easy to use no problem on iPhone over Telstra connection.
Anonymous, Broker
I really like the app – it’s a lot more functional than using the AEMO website for a quick check of price and predispatch, which is what I had been doing previously.
Anonymous, Trader
I’ve introduced your Sparky app to a number of people in our markets and people are impressed. The addition of 30-min PD to the market snapshot page is welcome and useful. The display of market notices is quite useful and is more accessible than desk-top options!
Anonymous, Trader
Using the app now and with the current heat in Victoria its getting a workout. The stability has been good and the speed has been good given I`m running an Iphone 4 with Telstra and the data speeds have been pretty ordinary of late.
Anonymous, Trader

Latest News

1st Nov’16 – Sparky Pro iOS app sold to High Voltage Brokers P/L.
HP, Phanalytics P/L